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For the fact that His Royal Highness Eze J. O. Muruako is my father, I have resisted in commenting on his activities as a Traditional Ruler since he ascended the Throne. This time around, I could not resist the excitement to weigh-in on a recent action he executed from his Throne as a Royal Father. In an era that have witnessed Royal Fathers pandering to affluent individuals of questionable and undefined characters from within their communities and faraway communities being conferred with Chieftaincy titles in exchange for money and other glittering material things, Eze Muruako during Ihiagwa Day on December 26, 2010 posthumously conferred traditional Nzeship title on Late Innocent Ezemadu Onuoha. This gesture is most remarkable because these days of avarice and cupidity on the part of traditional rulers in Nigeria at large and Ibo land as well; it is rare for traditional rulers to recognize one of their own who has transcended to the greater beyond. The reason being the individual is no longer around to quench their proclivity for vanities.

Eze Muruako, by this onerous act seems to have enlivened the Jewish saying that “The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten.” This act goes to say that Truly Late Innocent Ezemadu Onuoha is virtually alive and with us by his legacies.  No one can contradict the statement that Nna Anyi Ukwu Innocent Onuoha could be described as the greatest philanthropist in the history of Ihiagwa. During his life time he positively touched the life of every Ihiagwa son and daughter that was in need, especially the ones that were pursuing tertiary education in Nigeria and overseas. His magnanimity was very exceptional because, here was a man who did not benefit from university education, but committed his hard earned resources to those in need – especially tertiary education students. He also opened the doors of his house at Jos for those of them that needed a place for spending their universities and colleges of technologies long vacations; and even for those that were apprentices in his Plateau State celebrated electrical contracting company. It is for this reason that his residence at Jos was referred as “Ihiagwa Secretariat.”


His compassion and great-soul also reached out to poor families who he and her lovely wife – Lolo Virginia Onuoha extended financial and material help. This practice was very eloquent in Ihiagwa during the Christmas periods when they virtually searched from one family gate to another looking out for individual families to help so that they could enjoy the Christmas like them and other families. Without rehearsing what has already been outlined in the publication by his family for his Nzeship conferment tribute, to the best my knowledge no other individual in Ihiagwa annals has fianacially contributed to the cause of our community more than him. Yes, it was Abraham Lincoln who said "Through their deeds, the dead of battle have spoken more eloquently for themselves than any of the living ever could. But we can only honor them by rededicating ourselves to the cause for which they gave a last full measure of devotion. Through His Royal Highness gesture, through you Ihiagwa community has demonstrated to the Onuoha family that we have not forgotten his positive deeds and contributions that impacted many families and the community.


 In the absence of Late Nze Onuoha steps up the daughter Dr. Patience C. Onuoha who was as well conferred with Chieftaincy title of Adamezirialanya 1 of Ihiagwa on the same day with the Father. At home we say “Breadfruit does fall too far from its tree.” In line with the thoughts of Marcus Porcius Cato (234-149 BC) who once said that “The best way to keep good acts in memory is to repeat them.” Replicating and continuing the family tradition established by the father; Dr. Patience C. Onuoha (Adamezirialanya 1 of Ihiagwa) single handedly renovated a block of dilapidated classrooms of Ihiagwa Secondary School at the cost of about twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500.00). While this monumental gesture looks like a mirror reflection of what his father would have done if he was to be with us today, it elevated her to be the single highest donor to Ihiagwa secondary school project and any other project that is of my recent memory in Ihiagwa. It must be appreciated that she is not by any measure of imagination the richest Ihiagwa citizen that is living today, but without pressure she volunteered her resources to a cause that he and her children probably will not directly benefit from for life. Chief (Dr.) Patience Onuoha probably read the works of D. Elton Trueblood who espoused that A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit.” She really exemplified this saying.


In conclusion, I want to clarify that the purpose of this short Eulogy of late Nze Innocent Ezemadu Onuoha at a time of posthumous acknowledgement is to primarily associate myself with a family and individuals – The Onuoha Family. Because the family have time and over committed their God gave private finances to the betterment of their community Ihiagwa and indigent individuals. Let it be known that all of us have resources or talent(s) that can be extended to betterment of our community Ihiagwa. Without doubt it is very challenging to willingly contribute to communal cause that sometimes will not benefit us directly, enrich us, or attract immediate applause or podium recognition. It is in this perspective that Erica Jong outlined that “Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” 

Now that he has been rightly beautified by his community Ihiagwa, May the Soul of Nze Innocent Ezemadu Onuoha Rest in Perfect Peace. Thank you Lolo Virginia Onuoha, for allowing your wonderful husband to follow his heart in being the philanthropist that he lived to be and may God grant you many more healthy years ahead. Let this be the beginning of good things to come from Chief (Dr.) Patience C. Onuoha - Adamezirialanya 1 of Ihiagwa.  My family and other well meaning people of Ihiagwa are very much appreciative of your gesture. Finally, Papa, His Royal Highness, Akawelitaramba 1, Nnaochie II of Ihiagwa Autonomous Community, Eze James Onyekpandu Muruako may your reign be long and Almighty grant you great good health. As usual you have displayed the Biblical Wisdom of Solomon in bringing to live the personality and contributions of Nna Anyi Ukwu, Nze Innocent Onuoha.

Also, I want to use this medium to highlight that our great Mezie Ihiagwa in USA is proud to be associated with Chief (Dr.) Patience C. Onuoha as one us. Also, acknowledgement needs to be accorded to our Leader and President, Chief Charles Kelechi Okere. Notwithstanding the challenging situations he has worked tirelessly to enshrine peace and understanding among us. I pray that Almighty God give him the wisdom to continue fishing out sons and daughters of Ihiagwa, and our friends that have the large heart like The Onuoha family in the course of Mezie Ihiagwa’s commitment to the continual development of Ihiagwa Autonomous community.


Long Live the Philanthropic Onuoha Family!

Long Live Nnaochie II, Akawelitaramba 1 – HRH Eze J. O. Muruako!!

Long Live Ihiagwa Autonomous Community!!!

And God Bless the Members of Mezie Ihiagwa USA.


Prince Charlie O. Chiaka Muruako

Cleveland, Ohio USA (216) 554-2006


Late Nze innocent Ezemadu Onuoha was born in 1922 to Onuoha Okwu and Utoro of Umuekpaa compound of Umuolowu-Umuchima, Ihiagwa. He started from a humble beginning. He trained as an electrician and established himself as a renowned electrical engineering contractor, under the name – I.E. Onuoha & Sons, executing various government projects and personal properties in Nigeria.

His service to humanity was very impeccable. He had trained many sons and daughters of Ihiagwa. Many looked up to him that they desired his handwork and he responded by cheerfully training interested people to become electricians like him. In addition to this, he had offered scholarships to many to study both at home and overseas. At one time his abode in Jos, Plateau State was termed as “Ihiagwa Secretariat” because of his embracing attitude of receiving our people. In order words, every Ihiagwa person had a home in Jos during his time.


His philanthropic disposition was unremarkable. He donated the first musical organ to St John’s Anglican Church Ihiagwa. He was also one of the prime movers of St Paul’s Anglican Church, Jos. He had no boundaries in his art of giving that he earned himself the Hausa title “Haske Maganin Duhu” meaning “light the Remedy of Darkness? for undertaking the electrical installation wiring of Jos Central Mosque free of charge to the Muslim Community. Until his death in 1981, he never hesitated in supporting community development projects in Ihiagwa, such as the construction of Otamiri Bridge and Ihiagwa Secondary School. It is noteworthy that his first daughter, Dr Patience Onuoha, rekindled his name by single-handedly undertaking the renovation of a block of classrooms. This gesture caught the fancy of the traditional ruler who seized the opportunity to use the block to immortalize the name of this great man and in addition to this, confer him a post-humus Nze title – Omereoha 1 of Ihiagwa.


He was survived by his wife, Lolo Virginia Onuoha, Dr Patience Onuoha, the Adamezirialannaya 1 of Ihiagwa (Daughter), Engr. Godwin Onuoha (Son), Engr. Innocent Onuoha (Son), and Mrs. Charity Alozie (Daughter). Others are Mrs. Justina Bigelow (Daughter), Mrs. Victoria Onuoha (Daughter-in-law), Mrs. Amarachi Onuoha (Daughter-in-law) and many grandsons & granddaughters: Mr. Victor U Onuoha, Mr. Udochukwu Onuoha, Mr. Brian Ebokosia, Ms Amanda Ebokosia, Miss Amarachi Bigelow, Mr. Michael Ebokosia, Master Godwin Onuoha Jr, and Master Chinedu Onuoha. Among his nephews are Chief Charles Onuoha and Mr. Lawrence Onuoha.


The family must not fail to express their gratitude to Eze J.O. Muruako for recognizing the contribution of this illustrious son of Ihiagwa by honoring him with this post-humors Nze title – Omereoha 1 of Ihiagwa.

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